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Unpublished Paper
Cancer Disparities among American Indians and Alaska Natives
  • Lisa M. Lines, RTI International

The burden of cancer on AIAN patients is a complicated one. The low incidence rates among AIANs may be more a reflection of the low screening rates than a true lack of incident cancers in this population, and while death rates are related to incidence, 5-year survival rates are more related to stage at detection and receipt of treatment. The cancer burden is more severe for AIAN patients in part because of barriers to access, including financial, cultural, and geographic factors. Although some efforts have been made to address these disparities, a critical lack of studies and data hampers efforts to measure and monitor progress, especially for urban Indians outside of the IHS system.

  • disparities,
  • inequities,
  • cancer,
  • american indian,
  • alaska native,
  • indigenous health
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Lisa M. Lines. "Cancer Disparities among American Indians and Alaska Natives" (2008)
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