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Autonomous Choices and Patriotic Professionalism: On Governmentality in Late-Socialist China
Economy And Society
  • Lisa M. Hoffman, University of Washington - Tacoma Campus
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This paper argues that choice and autonomy constitute important new techniques of governing in late-socialist China. College students no longer receive direct state job assignments upon graduation, going instead to job fairs where they experience a degree of autonomy from state planning organs that was not available under high socialism's central planning. Yet even as post-Mao governmental rationalities have promoted autonomous decisions, young professionals' experiences of choice have remained framed within notions of social responsibility and patriotism. This paper examines how both neoliberal governmentality and a nationalism steeped in Maoist notions of state strength, achieved today through reform-era economic competitiveness, are intertwined in the emergence of what is called 'patriotic professionalism'.
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Lisa M. Hoffman. "Autonomous Choices and Patriotic Professionalism: On Governmentality in Late-Socialist China" Economy And Society Vol. 35 Iss. 4 (2006) p. 550 - 570
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