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Atypical Hemangioma of The Breast: a Diagnostic Pitfall in Breast Fine-Needle Aspiration.
Diagnostic cytopathology
  • Lorenzo M Galindo, MD
  • Alan J Shienbaum, DO
  • Lisa E.A. Dwyer-Joyce, MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Fernando U Garcia, MD
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We report on the fine-needle aspiration (FNA) cytology of atypical hemangioma of the breast in a 52-yr-old female. The patient presented with a 2-cm palpable left breast mass. An FNA of the mass was performed following a mammogram, corresponding to the palpable breast mass. The FNA demonstrated the presence of numerous atypical single spindle cells scattered throughout a hemorrhagic background. An unequivocal diagnosis of malignancy was not rendered in this case. However, the degree of cytologic atypia suggested a malignant process, and a recommendation for an excisional biopsy was made. Atypical hemangioma should therefore be included in the differential diagnosis of angiosarcoma and other benign and malignant spindle-cell lesions of the breast encountered on cytologic samples.

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Galindo, L. M., Shienbaum, A. J., Dwyer-Joyce, L., & Garcia, F. U. (2001). Atypical hemangioma of the breast: a diagnostic pitfall in breast fine-needle aspiration. Diagnostic Cytopathology, 24(3), 215-218.