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Temporal Artery Vasculitis in Young: A Report of Two Cases.
Rheumatology international
  • Kumar Pannagasayanam Dinesh
  • Adekunle Owolabi
  • L Dwyer-Joyce, MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Patrick M Cronin
  • Barry M Schimmer
  • Gyi P Mo
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Temporal (giant cell) arteritis is a chronic vasculitis of large and medium sized vessels which usually occurs in individuals above 50 years of age. In patients less than 50 years temporal artery vasculitis is extremely rare. The clinical presentations of the vasculitis in younger patients appear to be different from the older patients. We present two case reports of temporal artery vasculitis in patients less than 50 years, one of them with human immunodeficiency virus infection. Both the cases had variable clinical presentations and good response to treatment.
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Dinesh, K. P., Owolabi, A., Dwyer-Joyce, L., Cronin, P. M., Schimmer, B. M., & Mo, G. P. (2010). Temporal artery vasculitis in young: a report of two cases. Rheumatology International, 30(10), 1393-1396. doi:10.1007/s00296-009-1084-3