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T.W.I.S.T.: Trust the Wisdom In Student Teams
EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional Conference Poster Presentation (2007)
  • Lisa Caughron, Illinois Wesleyan University

In this age of increasingly high technology support demands, limited budgets and a veritable wealth of student resources, how do you meet the demands with the resources available? Learn about the approach members of Illinois Wesleyan’s office of Information Technology have taken to specially design an approach for student assets to help meet those support demands.

This session will review selection and development methods specifically designed for students and student teams thereby increasing the quality and success of these employment options. Topics covered will include: Initial Challenges and Considerations Creating Student Team Solutions for IT Developing Students What worked, what didn’t, and how we know

Through implementation of specifically designed student and student team development, we have been better able to meet the demands of our institution and share in the growth and development of our student resources.

This session will provide principals and lessons learned that can be customized, tailored and applied by other institutions to meet their own support needs.

Publication Date
March, 2007
Citation Information
Lisa Caughron. "T.W.I.S.T.: Trust the Wisdom In Student Teams" EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional Conference Poster Presentation (2007)
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