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Increasing Access to Clemson University Patents
South Carolina Library Association (SCLA) Annual Conference (2015)
  • Jan Comfort, Clemson University
  • Andy Wesolek, Clemson University
  • Lisa Bodenheimer, Clemson University
  • Brenda Burk, Clemson University
Clemson now supports open sharing of research through its institutional repository, TigerPrints. Learn to leverage the benefits of this open sharing complemented by your library's catalog, and learn more about the collaborative effort among four distinct library units.
  • Clemson University,
  • Patents,
  • Integrated Library System,
  • Online Catalog,
  • Archives,
  • Institutional Repository,
  • Collaboration
Publication Date
October 23, 2015
Citation Information
Jan Comfort, Andy Wesolek, Lisa Bodenheimer and Brenda Burk. "Increasing Access to Clemson University Patents" South Carolina Library Association (SCLA) Annual Conference (2015)
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