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Developmental Language Disorder (DLD): A persistent language disorder of unknown aetiology
Communication Sciences and Disorders Presentations
  • Lisa Archibald, The University of Western Ontario
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Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) often see children on their caseload who exhibit a persistent delay in language development for no discernable reason. Historically, there has been no consistency in the term used to describe this disorder, which has made it difficult for families to both understand and help with the problem. Recently, an international consensus agreed on the term Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) to describe this difficulty. The release of the consensus statement was paired with an international campaign aimed at raising awareness of DLD (RADLD). Canadian SLPs are invited to join discussion on the use of the term DLD.


This presentation was given on May 4, 2018 at the Speech-Language & Audiology Conference 2018

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Lisa Archibald. "Developmental Language Disorder (DLD): A persistent language disorder of unknown aetiology" (2018)
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