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香港的管治团队 : 英治时期的运作与回归后的更新 = Hong Kong's governing team : operations in the British Colonial Era and its transformations after 1997
  • Pang Kwong LI, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
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Journal article
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  • 香港管治,
  • 英治香港,
  • 管治团队,
  • 二元分工,
  • governing of Hong Kong,
  • Hong Kong under British rule,
  • governing term,
  • dichotomy between policy making and implementation
本文尝试把香港管治放在英帝国管治体系中作系统分析,讨论英治香港的核心管治团队的制度安排和具体运作情况,进而思考目前香港管治困局的出路。英国殖民地管治存在二元分工的人事格局,即主要来自“英国海外(殖民地)公务员队伍”组成管治团队骨干官员,垄断政策决策权,而决策的执行则由殖民地政府招募和管理的本地官员来负责。英国海外(殖民地)公务员制度在晋升、调任、择优等方面有其特定运作方式。英治时期华裔政务职系官员一直被排拒在香港管治核心之外。回归后香港管治因英国管治团队撤出、香港整个管治体系未能有效调整而引发困难。目前香港需要更新管治系统,重新构建本土管治团队和政治人才库,另外还需要完善智囊和政策研究、信息和情报搜集、政治动员等功能。 This essay attempts to make a systematic analysis of Hong Kong’s governance in the context of the governing system of the British Empire. It discusses the institutional arrangements and concrete operations of forming the core governing team in Hong Kong under the British rule,and explores the possible ways out of the current governance dilemma in Hong Kong. This essay highlights the dichotomy between policy making and implementation in the British colonial governance. Under such division of labour, officials from " Her( His) Majesty’s Overseas(Colonial) Civil Services" formed the core governing team in a colony and monopolized the policy making power, while the locally recruited and administered officials were responsible for policy execution. The essay details how the system of " Her( His) Majesty’s Overseas( Colonial)Civil Services" functioned, including their scale, promotion, transfers and selection, and illustrates the flexibility of the system in the case of a Hong Kong Governor(Murray MacLehose). It goes on to describe the dichotomy between the making and the implementation of policies in Hong Kong under the British rule, and points out that the local Chinese officials from the Administrative Service were excluded from the governing core. Hong Kong’s governing system has not been able to react effectively to the withdrawal of the British governing body, resulting in difficulties in governing after 1997. The essay ends with a discussion of the ways out of Hong Kong ’s current governing problems.
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李彭广 (2014)。香港的管治团队 : 英治时期的运作与回归后的更新 = Hong Kong's governing team: Operations in the British Colonial Era and its transformations after 1997。《港澳研究 = Hong Kong and Macao Studies》,(4),36-43, 94。