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選舉裂隙與九七後的香港政治動態 = Electoral cleavages and the post-1997 Hong Kong's political dynamics
Centre for Public Policy Studies : CPPS Working Paper Series
  • Pang Kwong LI
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Paper Series
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八十年代的香港,可說是充滿著政治改革的氣味。在一連串的改革中,以普選制度的引入,最為重要。普選制度的引入,不單止令整個社會日趨「政治化」和要求政治參與的訴求日漸提高,更深遠的影響是政治權力的重新分配,以及新的政治秩序和管治模式的浮現。因此,對冒升中的普選和政黨市場的了解是十分重要的。而本文的目的,正是提供和介紹一個研究香港普選市場的裂隙分析架構,以及基於此架構來討論「九七」後香港的政治動態。 The introduction of popular elections is one of the most important political reforms carried out in Hong Kong since the 1980s. It has not only politicized the whole society and heightened the aspiration of political participation, but also has the effect of power redistribution and thus paved the way for a new political order there. As a result, the study of the emerging electoral and party markets are timely and commendable. This paper sets out to provide a cleavage approach of analyzing the electoral market of Hong Kong and of discussing the political dynamics of the post-1997 Hong Kong

CPPS Working Paper Series No.55 (11/97)

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李彭廣 (1997)。選舉裂隙與九七後的香港政治動態 (CPPS Working Paper Series No.55)。檢自嶺南大學網站: