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Varieties of flour food in China
The World of Chinese = 汉语世界
  • Xin LIU
  • Lingcha WEI
  • Liping BAI
  • Shijian XIE
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As flour food enthusiasts, the Chinese are not only fond of flour food but also good at preparing it. China boasts countless varieties of flour food. Appetizing flour snacks are available throughout China, from north to south and from west to east. There are also some cultural conventions about flour food. Longevity noodles and peach-shaped buns, for example, are for birthdays, dumplings for betrothals, conjugal noodles and offspring buns for a wedding night and a noodle banquet for the birth of a baby. There is also a saying: “dumplings for farewells and noodles for greetings.” Hence, dumplings were the meal for Mr. Yang Liwei, the first Chinese astronaut in space, before he boarded the spacecraft.
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Liu, X., Wei, L. (Trans.), Bai, L. (Trans.), & Xie, S. (Trans.) (2008). Varieties of flour food in China = 中国面食. The World of Chinese = 汉语世界, (1), 11-13.