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Devil or angel : how virtual testing environment can affect product evaluations
International Journal of Market Research
  • Ling PENG, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Yongfu HE
  • Xiang WAN
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Journal article
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While new product evaluation testing plays a pivotal role in the NPD process, there is little empirical evidence on the influence of the virtual testing environment on the evaluation results and the data quality. The present study addresses this gap in the literature by using a split-sample online concept testing-like study to compare the testing results in traditional and virtual environments for five heterogeneous innovations. The findings indicate that both traditional and virtual testing environments yield identical mean scores, while the latter provides higher-quality data given the same sampling design. Early concept or product tests, therefore, may be carried out in a more realistic testing environment using virtual techniques, which could substantially enhance the quality of testing data.

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Peng, L., He, Y., & Wan, X. (2011). Devil or angel: How virtual testing environment can affect product evaluations. International Journal of Market Research, 53(3), 415-437. doi: 10.2501/IJMR-53-3-415-437