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Contribution to Book
Elders and the Justice System
APA Handbook of Forensic Psychology (2015)
  • Eve Brank, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Lindsey E. Wylie, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Editors: Brian L. Cutler and Patricia A. Zapf

Volume 2, Chapter 3, Elders and the Justice System, co-authored by Lindsey Wylie.

The APA Handbook of Forensic Psychology consolidates and advances knowledge about the scientific foundations and practical application of psychology to law, the practice of law, and law-related policy. Drawing upon contemporary psychological research and practice, this Handbook provides a thorough, up-to-date, and far-reaching reference on forensic psychological issues that are important to researchers, practitioners and students in psychology, other social sciences and practice disciplines, and law.

The Handbook is divided into 2 Volumes, each comprised of 3 sections:

Volume 1 (Individual and Situational Influences in Criminal and Civil Contexts)
  • Forensic Evaluation and Treatment in Criminal Cases
  • Individual and Situational Predictors of Criminal Behavior
  • Applications of Forensic Psychology in Civil Cases

Volume 2 (Criminal Investigation, Adjudication, and Sentencing Outcomes)
  • Victim and Offender Groups
  • Criminal Investigations and Jury Trials
  • Sentencing and Incarceration
  • forensic psychology,
  • elder maltreatment,
  • older adult maltreatment
Publication Date
Brian L. Cutler and Patricia A. Zapf
American Psychological Association
Publisher Statement
Brank, E.M., & Wylie, L.E. (2015) Elders and the Justice System. In B.L. Cutler and P.A. Zapf (Eds.), APA
Handbook of Psychology: Forensic Psychology, vol 2. Washington, D.C., American Psychology Association.
Citation Information
Eve Brank and Lindsey E. Wylie. "Elders and the Justice System" Washington, DCAPA Handbook of Forensic Psychology Vol. 2 (2015)
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