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Evaluation of Pre-Apprenticeship and Retention Services in the Trades: Interim Report on Waves I and II
Sociology Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Lindsey Wilkinson, Portland State University
  • Maura Kelly, Portland State University
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  • Apprenticeship programs,
  • Minorities -- Employment -- United States,
  • Women -- Employment -- United States,
  • Building trades -- Apprenticeship -- Sociological aspects

In order to assess the effect of pre-apprenticeship programs on the career trajectories of women and minorities in the short and medium term, PSU researchers designed a longitudinal study of individuals receiving pre-apprenticeship and retention services. This evaluation focuses on four classes of pre-apprenticeship students at Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc (OTI) and Constructing Hope (CH). Wave I of the study was administered on the first day of the pre-apprenticeship classes, and Wave II was administered at the end of the pre-apprenticeship classes. A total of 94 individuals were enrolled in the four classes; a total of 77 individuals completed the programs (76 individuals completed both Wave I and Wave II surveys).

Wave III will be conducted via email and telephone one year after the Wave I surveys and will include the 76 participants who completed Waves I and II of the survey. Wave III will follow up with participants to determine whether or not they pursued a career in the trades after their preapprenticeship program. Participants will be asked about the elements of their pre-apprentice program and retention services they view as most helpful for persisting in the trades. A final report for the study will be completed by June 2017.


A report submitted to Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc., and Constructing Hope.

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Lindsey Wilkinson and Maura Kelly. "Evaluation of Pre-Apprenticeship and Retention Services in the Trades: Interim Report on Waves I and II" (2016)
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