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New Directions in Evolutionary Consumer Behavior
Society for Marketing Advances Teaching Moments (SMA)
  • T. Andrew Poehlman, Clemson University
  • Lindsay R.L. Larson, Georgia Southern University
  • Kaitlyn A. Kooi, Clemson University
  • Nathanael S. Martin, Clemson University
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In an effort to further reconcile the historically divided research paradigms of the social and natural sciences, two papers are presented to interpret and explain phenomena occurring in consumer behavior through evolutionary theory. The first paper discusses the changing landscape of women’s social roles and how women may pursue resource acquisition via self-focused or others-focused strategies. The second paper addresses the evolutionary reasons underlying the phenomena of heritage signaling in male product branding and implications therein on the modern mating environment.

San Antonio, TX
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T. Andrew Poehlman, Lindsay R.L. Larson, Kaitlyn A. Kooi and Nathanael S. Martin. "New Directions in Evolutionary Consumer Behavior" Society for Marketing Advances Teaching Moments (SMA) (2015)
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