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About Linda K Salvucci

Even before transatlantic studies became popular, I was teaching and writing about interactions between the First British Empire and Bourbon Spain, New Spain and Cuba.
For my long-term book project, 'Ironies of Empire: the United States - Cuba Trade in a New Atlantic World, 1760-1868,' I have worked in archives not only in the eastern United States, but also in Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and Great Britain. Commercial exchanges and comparative ideologies are my particular focus, as the Atlantic world moved away from mercantilism towards free trade.


Present Associate Professor, History, Trinity University Department of History


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Honors and Awards

  • The Conference on Latin American History Prize (for best article in 2000)
  • The Hubert Herring Award for Best Article for 1985, Pacific Coast Council for Latin American Studies
  • American Philosophical Society, General Research Grant, 1997
  • Lydia Cabrera Award for Cuban Historical Studies, Conference on Latin American History, Summer 1995


  • Slavery and the Atlantic Economy
  • Historians and Their Craft
  • The American Revolution
  • Early American Social History
  • History of the United States through Reconstruction
  • Seminar on Slavery and Freedom in the Era of the American Revolution

Contact Information

Contact Information
Department of History
Trinity University
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212


Research Works (23)