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Metadata Plus: How Libraries Assure Discovery of Locally Created Content
  • Melanie Feltner-Reichert
  • Marie Garrett
  • Linda L. Phillips

This presentation offers a simple illustration of the ways html code, metadata tagging and other strategies enable content discovery. It contains examples that can be understood by anyone familiar with a bibliographic record. Librarians who grasp these concepts will be well-prepared to convince faculty that the library is both a safe and sustainable archive for their work, and that placing content with the library is more likely to lead to its discovery than any personal web space.

  • metadata,
  • locally created content,
  • digital libraries,
  • university library publishing
Publication Date
March, 2009
Citation Information
Melanie Feltner-Reichert, Marie Garrett, and Linda L. Phillips. “Metadata Plus: How Libraries Assure Discovery of Locally Created Content,” in Pushing the Edge: Explore, Engage, Extend; Proceedings of the Fourteenth National Conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries, March 12-15, 2009, Seattle, Washington. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009, pp. 75-80. Available at: