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Why I Quit the Railroad
Trains (2006)
  • Linda Grant Niemann, Kennesaw State University

The article presents the author's reasons for leaving her job in the railroad industry. She wasn't thrilled to be force-assigned to the foreman's spot on Union Pacific's Lawrence switcher. Being the junior switchman on the California coast for years, she was used to jobs that weren't so plum. What made it tough were a difficult yardmaster and her help, a switchman who outranked her but didn't want the responsibility of the foreman's spot.

  • women railroad employees,
  • railroads employees,
  • transport workers,
  • railroads,
  • public utilities
Publication Date
October, 2006
Citation Information
Linda Grant Niemann. "Why I Quit the Railroad" Trains Vol. 66 Iss. 10 (2006)
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