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About Linda Liu Hand

I am a social scientist with over 15 years of training in all aspects of conducting research, including experimental design, protocol development and implementation, statistical analysis and publication, and grant proposal preparation. As a cognitive psychologist, my specialty is cognitive development and I have published research on populations ranging from preschool age to older adulthood (60 years+). My research investigates cognition, aging and decision making, with applications to prospective memory, spatial and symbolic reasoning and medical adherence. As a postdoctoral fellow, I conceptualized and executed a study that improved adherence to blood glucose monitoring by more than 50% in a sample of older adults using a social-behavioral intervention. I am also a co-editor and chapter author for a book titled Social and Cognitive Perspectives in Medical Adherence. Currently, my career focus is primarily in research administration.


Present College of Nursing, University of Iowa
Present Director, Office for Nursing Research, University of Iowa


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