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International Graduate Students: How Do They Choose Academic Majors?
Enrollment Management Journal
  • Jia Ren, Rutgers University
  • Linda Serra Hagedorn, Iowa State University
  • Michael T. McGill, Iowa State University
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International graduate students are a sizeable segment of the student body in the U.S. higher educational system, but remain an understudied population in the educational literature. As a result, this student population is not adequately understood by higher education administrators and faculty. The current study explored 16 factors associated with international graduate students’ choice of academic majors for their American degrees and how factors affected this population’s academic choice among four academic categories. Based on the findings, this study suggests recruitment and admission policies and support services and programs to attract and retain international graduate students, in order to understand and direct this population of students during their study in the United States, and to increase international graduate students’ contributions in economy, innovation, and diversity.

This article is from Enrollment Management Journal 5 (2011): 91–115. Posted with permission.

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Jia Ren, Linda Serra Hagedorn and Michael T. McGill. "International Graduate Students: How Do They Choose Academic Majors?" Enrollment Management Journal Vol. 5 Iss. 4 (2011) p. 91 - 117
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