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Parvifloranines A and B, Two 11-Carbon Alkaloids from Geijera parviflora
Journal of Natural Products
  • Qingyao Shou, Southern Cross University
  • Linda K Banbury, Southern Cross University
  • Joshua Smith, Southern Cross University
  • Xiaoxiang He, Southern Cross University
  • Ashley Dowell, Southern Cross University
  • Hans J Griesser, University of South Australia
  • Michael Heinrich, Southern Cross University
  • Hans Wohlmuth, Southern Cross University
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Peer Reviewed
Two novel alkaloids (parvifloranines A and B), possessing an unusual 11-carbon skeleton linked with amino acids, were isolated from Geijera parviflora, an endemic Australian Rutaceae. Their structures were elucidated by extensive spectroscopic measurements including 2D NMR analyses. Parvifloranine A was found to be a mixture of two enantiomers, (S)-1 and (R)-1, in a ratio of 1:4, based on their separation using a chiral column. Parvifloranine B is also believed to be a mixture of enantiomers. Proposed biosynthetic pathways are discussed. Parvifloranine A inhibited the synthesis of nitric oxide in LPS-stimulated RAW 264.7 macrophages with an IC50 value of 23.4 μM.
Citation Information

Shou, Q, Banbury, LK, Renshaw, DE, Smith, JE, He, X, Dowell, A, Griesser, HJ, Heinrich, M & Wohlmuth, H 2013, 'Parvifloranines A and B, Two 11-Carbon Alkaloids from Geijera parviflora', Journal of Natural Products, vol. 76, no. 7, pp. 1384-1387.

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