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Mentoring junior faculty for grant writing opportunities
American Educational Research Association
  • Linda C. Tillman, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hall
  • Collette M. Bloom, Texas Southern University
  • Linda E. Skrla, Texas A&M University
  • James J. Scheurich, Texas A&M University
  • James E. Davis, Temple University
  • Vivian L. Gadsden, University of Pennsylvania
Document Type
Conference Presentation
San Francisco, CA
Conference Dates
April 7-11, 2006
Date of Presentation

Workshop on grant writing in the context of beginning faculty careers

Citation Information
Linda C. Tillman, Collette M. Bloom, Linda E. Skrla, James J. Scheurich, et al.. "Mentoring junior faculty for grant writing opportunities" American Educational Research Association (2006)
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