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Dare educational leaders build a new social order?
University Council for Educational Administration
  • Alan Shoho, University of Texas, San Antonio
  • Catherine Lugg, Rutgers University
  • Colleen A. Capper, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • George Theoharis, Iowa State University
  • Dianne L. Hoff, University of Maine
  • Nancy Yoder, University of Maine
  • Michelle D. Young, UCEA
  • Meredith Mountford, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Linda E. Skrla, Texas A&M University
Document Type
Conference Presentation
Nashville, TN
Conference Dates
November 10-13, 2005
Date of Presentation
This symposium offers four papers from a special issue of JEA which examined The Role of Social Justice in Educational Administration Programs. The first paper provides a context for the practicing social justice. The second reports on a study of three cohorts involved in a program with a social justice emphasis. The third offers a framework for preparing leaders to practice social justice. The fourth reports on resistance incurred in integrating a social justice perspective into a leadership preparation program.
Citation Information
Alan Shoho, Catherine Lugg, Colleen A. Capper, George Theoharis, et al.. "Dare educational leaders build a new social order?" University Council for Educational Administration (2005)
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