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The social construction of gender in the superintendency
Journal of Education Policy
  • Linda E. Skrla, Texas A&M University
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The public school superintendency in the United States is overwhelmingly socially constructed as masculine even though the educator workforce from which superintendents are drawn is 75% female. Predictably, those who teach, research and write about the superintendency in the US, again overwhelmingly male, have largely reinforced the sexist gendering of this critical leadership position. In contrast, this study explores how three women superintendents engaged, in a complex fashion, the gendered social construction of the super intendency as they conducted the daily work of leading school districts in the state of Texas. This study also verifies for feminists in other national contexts the critical need for feminist research to be conducted in a wide variety of national contexts, especially because the feminist work of one specific context may be very different than that of another. The study ends with recommendations that fit Texas and the US at the beginning of the 21st century.
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Linda E. Skrla. "The social construction of gender in the superintendency" Journal of Education Policy Vol. 15 Iss. 3 (2000) p. 293 - 316 ISSN: 0268-0939
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