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Accountability for equity: can state policy leverage social justice?
International Journal of Leadership in Education (2001)
  • Linda Skrla, Texas A&M University
  • James Joseph Scheurich, Texas A&M University
  • Joseph F. Johnson, University of Texas at Austin
  • James W. Koschoreck, University of Cincinnati
This paper advocates working carefully through a tactical, practical engagement with accountability policies for the purpose of increasing educational equity and social justice for children of colour and children from low-income families. It discusses the pervasiveness of systemic racism and its effects in US schools, and explores the complexity surrounding issues of accountability and the possible disruption of this racism. Also described is the possibility of a convergence of interests between supporters of accountability and advocates for social justice. Finally, evidence is presented, from state and school district levels in Texas, that increased educational equity can be leveraged through the careful use of some accountability measures.
Publication Date
July 1, 2001
Citation Information
Linda Skrla, James Joseph Scheurich, Joseph F. Johnson and James W. Koschoreck. "Accountability for equity: can state policy leverage social justice?" International Journal of Leadership in Education Vol. 4 Iss. 3 (2001) p. 237 - 260 ISSN: 1360-3124
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