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Quantification of patient fears regarding dental injections and patient perceptions of a local noninjectable anesthetic gel
Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry
  • S. Crawford
  • Linda C. Niessen, Nova Southeastern University
  • S. Wong
  • E. Dowling
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Data have shown that 30% of all Americans do not seek dental care and/or treatment unless a problem arises that causes them severe pain. Similar study results have been found in Europe as well. While some studies indicate that cost concerns prevent people from seeking dental care, the fear of pain has been identified as a factor in keeping people from seeing a dentist. A random sample of US and European patients who had recently undergone a scaling and root planing procedure was surveyed via telephone interview to quantify data on patient concerns and fears regarding anesthesia administered by injection, as well as to determine patient interest and price perception of an anesthetic gel product. The survey also provided data on the patient's experience and perception about the scaling and root planing procedure. Responses from the study population showed that patients find the injection painful and do not like the prolonged numbness. Additionally, based on the patients surveyed, they experience injection anxiety before appointments, and a significant number of them cancel appointments or simply do not seek treatment because they are afraid of the injection. Finally, the study also demonstrated that, while not eliminating dental anxiety completely, the availability of a new noninjectable anesthetic would assist in relieving patient fear, with almost half of the patients surveyed being more likely to seek treatment if only the new noninjectable anesthetic was used. Additionally, most patients surveyed would be willing to pay for the noninjectable anesthetic out of their own pockets if it was not covered by their health insurance
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S. Crawford, Linda C. Niessen, S. Wong and E. Dowling. "Quantification of patient fears regarding dental injections and patient perceptions of a local noninjectable anesthetic gel" Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry Vol. 26 Iss. 2 (2005) p. 11 - 14
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