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Aging Successfully: Oral Health for the Prime of Life
College of Dental Medicine Faculty Proceedings, Presentations, Speeches and Lectures
  • Linda C. Niessen, Nova Southeastern University
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Victoria and District Dental Society
Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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Will you still need me? Will you still treat me when I’m 64…. Aging successfully includes a healthy dentition. For today’s adults over 50, oral health means more than disease treatment. It implies a desire to maintain youth and improve their self-esteem throughout their lives. This program will discuss the unique oral health needs of an aging population. The program will review changes associated with aging and diseases and how they affect oral health. The program will examine common medical conditions and the medications patients take that increase their risk for caries, periodontal disease and other oral problems. The program will discuss modifications of dental treatment for patients with special needs. The program will use cases to illustrate the efforts of the dental team in assisting patients to age successfully. Aging Successfully: Oral Health for the Prime of Life Course Outline:Changing Demographics of adults over 50Age-related oral changesCommon age related medical diseases and implications for oral health: a) Heart disease; b) Arthritis; c) StrokeCommon oral diseases and treatment planning optionsImplications of common medications on oral health: a) medications causing xerostomia; b) diagnosis, treatment and preventive strategies for root caries
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Linda C. Niessen. "Aging Successfully: Oral Health for the Prime of Life" (2010)
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