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Press Pause Before You Eat: Say Good-bye to Mindless Eating and Hello to the Joys of Eating
  • Linda Mintle, Liberty University
Press Pause Before You Eat and say goodbye to hurried and mindless eating. This ground-breaking book shines a light on the most overlooked area of our relationship with food: mindless and unintentional eating. It teaches readers to understand WHY they eat and provides practical, proven strategies to control eating. Diets treat symptoms; Press Pause Before You Eat deals with the root causes of unintentional eating and restores the joys of mindful eating. Busy schedules translate into eating on the run or skipping meals altogether. Life is not only filled with multitasking and hurried moments but on-the-go consumption. Eating becomes a thing to do while doing other things and all too often becomes a source of guilt and distress. The more stressed and busier people feel, the more food becomes a source of gratification, relief and a numbing agent, as well as a welcomed friend. In order to address the current obesity epidemic and struggles people have with their weight, a new approach is needed—one that addresses the emotional, relational, and spiritual side of the individual and his or her relationship to food.

Dr. Linda Mintle, a licensed professional in clinical practice and a specialist in eating disorders, knows that unless
people are coached to be intentional about their eating, they will continue to eat mindlessly and be part of the 90-95 percent of failed dieters. Therefore, Press Pause Before You Eat is a prescriptive guide for intentionally cultivating a mindful awareness of eating that attends to the body, soul, and spirit.
Food is not our enemy; it is something to be enjoyed!
  • diet,
  • unintentional eating,
  • mindful eating
Publication Date
May, 2009
Howard Books
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Linda Mintle. Press Pause Before You Eat: Say Good-bye to Mindless Eating and Hello to the Joys of Eating. (2009)
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