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Measuring sound in hospital nurseries
Journal of Perinatology (2000)
  • Lincoln C Gray, James Madison University
  • K Philbin
This article provides practical advice on how to document sound levels in a nursery: How do you use sound-level meters, noise dosimeters, and spectrum analyzers? Where is the best position for microphones in a sound survey? How do you present results to nursery staff? The goal is to provide informal instruction on how to use these devices and interpret their measurements. The intended audience is medical personnel, not engineers. A companion article in this issue provides background on the technical aspects of sound measurement. There is an appendix with hints about finding help and purchasing equipment.
  • Acoustics,
  • Environment,
  • Methods,
  • Nurseries,
  • Hospital,
  • Sound
Publication Date
Citation Information
Gray, L., and Philbin, K.: Measuring Sound in Hospital Nurseries. Journal of Perinatology 20:S100-S105, 2000.