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Diagramming the New Testament Greek as a Learning Tool
Seminary Scholarship Symposium
  • Lincoln Nogueira, Andrews University
Seminary Commons
Start Date
5-2-2016 10:30 AM
End Date
5-2-2016 11:00 AM
Problem: Learning Greek is a challenging task that demands from both professors and students. It requires skill from teachers to guide students in the development of knowledge without discouraging them in the process. But also from the students who need to build vocabulary, grammar and syntax. By the end of this experience, students are loaded with useful information, but no bridge was formed towards exegesis. Their knowledge is a mere repetition of grammar books, charts and loose titles from syntax. Thesis: The addition of a methodology that can bridge Greek and Theology needs to be present from the beginning of the learning experience as part of the requirement of Greek language. I believe that the tool of Diagramming is key to enhance all areas of Greek studies, so to bridge between morphology and grammar, between grammar and syntax, then finally bridge between syntax and exegesis.
Citation Information
Lincoln Nogueira. "Diagramming the New Testament Greek as a Learning Tool" (2016)
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