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About Lily M Wang

Dr. Lily Wang's primary research interests are in room acoustics and noise control; recent work has focused on correlating building acoustic conditions to human perception and performance, particularly in office, classroom, and home environments.


Present Professor, and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Faculty Development, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Research Interests

Room Acoustics and Noise Control

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Honors and Awards

  • Acoustical Society of America Student Council Mentoring Award (2015)
  • ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer (2012-16)
  • ASHRAE Ralph G. Nevins Physiology and Human Environment Award (2012)
  • ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award (2012)
  • Girls Preparatory School (GPS) Margaret Rawling Lupton Award of Excellence (2009)
  • Elected to Fellowship of the Acoustical Society of America (2007)
  • Acoustical Society of America R. Bruce Lindsay Award (2005)
  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2002-07)
  • Acoustical Society of America F.V.Hunt Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (1999)


1993 - 1999 PhD, Pennsylvania State University - Main Campus ‐ Graduate Program in Acoustics
1989 - 1993 BS, Princeton University ‐ Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Effects of Noise and Reverberation on Human Perception and Performance (23)

Linking Room Acoustic Subjective Perception and Objective Metrics (9)