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How To Write Essay Effectively
  • Lidia Smith
An organizational tool used in academic writing is known as an essay outline. It is the main foundation of your research paper. However, it is not always mandatory to draft an outline, but it gives a professional outlook to the document. It helps the writers to prepare headings for the essay’s paragraphs. Similarly, structuring online will also help you spend less time on writing.The following are the main topics included in an outline of the academic papers.·      


It is the first section of your paper. Therefore, it should be compelling enough to grab the reader’s attention.Interesting topic is the base of interesting essay , you can take help from online essay topic generator tool for better topics. The introduction mainly provides background information along with the general idea of the topic.

It is better to use a hook sentence to engage the writer. Also, avoid irrelevant and lengthy details that may lose the reader’s interest in the beginning. Try to be precise and to the point while writing an introduction.·    

    Thesis Statement
It expresses the central idea of your essay that provides a direct answer to your research question. It is stated at the end of the introduction section. A writer needs to be very specific while writing a clear and strong thesis statement. Furthermore, it should present the hypothesis clearly that will be supported by the evidence.·      

  Body Paragraphs

These are considered as a linkage between the introduction and conclusion of an essay. Each paragraph has a topic sentence.

Try to use not more than one idea in every paragraph because it will reduce the effectiveness of your essay.All the body paragraphs should present the actual purpose of your essay. Moreover, use transition words such as nevertheless, furthermore, in addition, etc. to move from one idea to another.  ·      

It is the last section of your essay that summarizes the arguments and their findings. It should also restate the thesis statement and supporting evidence. Similarly, try to be precise and to the point while writing a strong conclusion.

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