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Photochromic 3-Dimensional Actuator Based on an Uncrosslinked Liquid Crystal Elastomer
Journal of Materials Chemistry (2009)
  • Hyong Jong Choi
  • Kwang-Un Jeong
  • Liang-Chy Chien, Kent State University - Kent Campus
  • Myong-Hoon Lee

A chemically programmed photochromic liquid crystal (LC) polymer was newly synthesized and used to fabricate an actuator exhibiting reversible photo-activated bending behavior at ambient temperature. Due to the lack of chemical crosslinking in this photochromic LC elastomer, it was possible to fabricate an actuator in the form of fiber or film by melt or solution processing, respectively. The three-dimensional (3D) bending of the film actuator can be precisely controlled in various directions by polarized ultraviolet (UV) light. The novel photochromic LC elastomer, exhibiting reversible photomechanical bending with controlled directions at room temperature, is beneficial for the realization of wireless remote-controlled 3D actuators.

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Hyong Jong Choi, Kwang-Un Jeong, Liang-Chy Chien and Myong-Hoon Lee. "Photochromic 3-Dimensional Actuator Based on an Uncrosslinked Liquid Crystal Elastomer" Journal of Materials Chemistry Vol. 19 Iss. 38 (2009)
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