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Getting the Constitutive Power of Law Wrong
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  • Liam McHugh-Russell, Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law
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  • Marxist Analysis,
  • Social Relations,
  • Communism,
  • Ideology

Marx’s discussions of law have long made jurists anxious. His relegation of law, along with art and philosophy, to the realm of ideology [1], his reference to law as a “mirror” [2], his insistence that “legal relations arise from economic ones” [3]—taken together, these claims not only threaten to unsettle flattering narratives that put lawyers on the side of social progress, but suggest what some would take to be worse: that our work is, in historical terms, irrelevant.

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Liam McHugh-Russell, "Getting the Constitutive Power of Law Wrong" (31 March 2018), online (blog): Legal Form < > [].