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Luminescence and Energy Transfer in Ca3Sc2Si3O12:Ce3+,Mn2+ White LED Phosphors
Journal of Luminescence
  • Yongfu Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Xia Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Zhendong Hao, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Yongshi Luo, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Xiao-Jun Wang, Georgia Southern University
  • Li Ma, Georgia Southern University
  • Jiahua Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Expanded emission spectra ranging from green to red are reported in Ca3Sc2Si3O12 (CSS):Ce3+,Mn2+silicate garnets. Mn2+ may occupy Ca2+ site (Mn2+(I)) to generate a yellow emission band at 574 nm or Sc3+site (Mn2+(II)) with red emission band at 680 nm. Efficient energy transfers from the green emitting Ce3+ to both Mn2+(I) and Mn2+(II) occur upon blue excitation into Ce3+. Concentration dependence of Mn2+emission is analyzed based on Ce3+–Mn2+ energy transfer, steady state rate equations, and fluorescence lifetimes. Energy transfer efficiency (ηT) and rate (W) are calculated with values as high as 45% and 14.01×106 s−1, respectively.
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Yongfu Liu, Xia Zhang, Zhendong Hao, Yongshi Luo, et al.. "Luminescence and Energy Transfer in Ca3Sc2Si3O12:Ce3+,Mn2+ White LED Phosphors" Journal of Luminescence Vol. 133 (2013) p. 21 - 24
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