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Corporate governance and anti-takeover devices
Corporate governance: An international review (2000)
  • Helen Lange
  • Ian Ramsay
  • Li-Anne Woo
This paper seeks to establish what form of management structure, ownership structure and financial characteristics are exhibited by firms that propose and subsequently adopt anti-takeover charter amendments (ATCAs) in Australia over the period June 1986 to December 1990. An ATCA is a restriction of partial takeover activity implemented through shareholder approval to changes in a firm's constitution. Approval for such changes is obtained through majority agreement from a plebiscite of shareholders. The study adopts a control sample design to analyse if characteristics differ statistically from adopting ATCA firms and those which do not adopt ATCAs during the investigation period. Following this, a logit analysis establishes the importance of variables considered to have a role in distinguishing between ATCA adoptees and firms without ATCAs. This research is motivated by the fact that little is known about the reasons for alternative corporate governance structures in Australia and is a natural extension to Armstrong, Lange and Woo (1994) which determined that firms adopting ATCAs were likely to experience increases in firm value around the announcement date of the ATCA. © Copyright Blackwell Publishers Ltd, 2000
  • corporate governance,
  • anti-takeover devices
Publication Date
July 1, 2000
Citation Information
Helen Lange, Ian Ramsay and Li-Anne Woo. "Corporate governance and anti-takeover devices" Corporate governance: An international review Vol. 8 Iss. 3 (2000)
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