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Beyond Boundaries: Women, Writing and Visuality in Contemporary China
Frontiers of Literary Studies in China
  • Géraldine Fiss, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
  • Li Guo, Utah State University
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Brill Academic Publishers
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This special issue offers explorations of women, writing, and visuality in contemporary Chinese literature and culture, following up on a previous issue titled “Nation, Gender, and Transcultural Modernism in Early Twentieth‐Century China,” which was published in Frontiers of Literary Studies in China (vol. 8, no. 1, 2014). The earlier issue addressed “the complex cultural mechanism which placed gender at the center of the nationalist discourse” in early twentieth‐century works by both male and female authors and questioned how the uncertainty of discourses on gender and nation “opens up space for creating subversive cultural imaginaries and challenging colonial discourses.” This issue builds on and expands these critical investigations of gendered subjectivity, women’s writing, and creative endeavors, by engaging updated studies on contemporary women’s writings and films. The selected essays in this special issue examine how female writers and filmmakers today contribute in different ways to cultural transformations in a rapidly changing country in a globalizing world. Their works both embody and transcend feminist inquiries about agency, writerly authority, and gendered subjectivity.
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Fiss, Geraldine, and Li Guo. “Beyond Boundaries: Women, Writing and Visuality in Contemporary Chinese Literature and Film,” Frontiers of Literary Studies in China (Brill), 11.1 (2017):1-6.