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About Lezley Jo-Anne Wright

Lezley Wright has owned and operated her business as a hair artist for the last 33 years. Along with her personal intuitive ability to connect masterfully with each client through the art of touch she delights in not only aspiring to inspire but also connect satisfied smiles to a divinely inspired style.She also has become a conduit and co- creator of a non profit society whose mission and vision is to spread hope , faith and the power of kindness, anonymously, giving a hand up to families in her community. 

Lezley met Mahendra Trivedi in February 2012.She was drawn to his mission to connect spirituality with science and his ability to co-create transformation in living organisms and non living materials thru the phenomenon referred to as The Trivedi Effect. Mr Trivedi had the unique ability to harness Gods energy and transmit it, depending on the recipient's needs and Gods will, and optimize potential altering behaviours and characteristics.She was also impressed with the 4000 scientific studies in human health, cancer, microbiology, genetics, agriculture, biotechnology and material science, and over 250,000 testimonials on the Trivedi Effect's power to uplift every aspect of the human condition. After her first "Blessing" through Mahendra Trivedi, she remembers feeling a profound strengthening in her faith in God, a deep penetrating peace and a quiet inner joy. Her sleep rejuvenated her like never before and she had a reverence for this moment and the gift of her life.These transformations remained permanently. She also has witnessed a transformed diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is now able to connect to the many gifts and heightened awareness this condition has delivered to her. She has also witnessed the disappearance miraculously of a brain cyst she was diagnosed with in 2014.

Lezley has since been part of the Healers Mastery Program since May 2015.Although she professes to have no specialty healing powers or modality training , she continues to consciously elevate her faith and connection to God and surrender in service as a conduit for God's will.


Present owner/operator of salon, Entrepreneur

Research Interests



12th Diploma, Pleasant Valley Senior Secondary
PhD, University of life