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Tune-up in Math: A Journey to Reduce Test Anxiety
  • Leza Madsen, Western Washington University
  • Ping-Tung Chang, Professor
This paper focuses upon small group learning in mathematics and methods of overcoming classroom challenges like math anxiety and unmotivated learners. Re-testing shifts the emphasis from punitive measurement of points to an indicator of strengths and weaknesses of the students. There is also an emphasis on the practical application of the Zojonc Module dealing with the optimal division of labor and Polya’s problem -solving heuristics. Utilizing small group settings and retesting are two methods of helping learners overcome classroom challenges and their own math anxiety. This paper is intended to present methods to be used with adult learners or continuing education students.
  • math,
  • anxiety
Publication Date
Fall October 13, 2007
Citation Information
Leza Madsen and Ping-Tung Chang. "Tune-up in Math: A Journey to Reduce Test Anxiety" (2007)
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