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SEQRA vs. The Environment
The Suffolk Lawyer (2012)
  • Michael Lewyn, Touro Law Center

SEQRA, a New York environmental law, requires the filing of an environmental impact statement when a project has a significant effect on the environment. Because SEQRA is so broad, most major infill projects will require such environmental review. Thus, SEQRA may actually discourage infill. Because infill projects are more likely to be in transit-oriented areas, and thus are more environmentally friendly, this feature of SEQRA may actually increase driving and thus pollution.

  • seqra,
  • sprawl,
  • land use
Publication Date
September, 2012
Citation Information
Michael Lewyn. "SEQRA vs. The Environment" The Suffolk Lawyer Vol. 28 Iss. 1 (2012)
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