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Sprawl, Growth Boundaries and the Rehnquist Court
Utah Law Review (2002)
  • Michael E Lewyn, Florida Coastal School of Law

This article addresses the constitutionality and wisdom of Oregon's urban growth boundary (UGB) program. The article concludes that the program is constitutional under current precedent, and that (contrary to claims made by UGB critics) there is little evidence that the UGB has caused Oregon's runup in housing prices. On the other hand, UGB supporters may have exaggerated the UGB's positive environmental results.

  • portland,
  • oregon,
  • takings,
  • ugb,
  • growth boundaries,
  • sprawl,
  • housing
Publication Date
October, 2002
Publisher Statement
Published at 2002 Utah Law Review 1 (2002).
Citation Information
Michael E Lewyn. "Sprawl, Growth Boundaries and the Rehnquist Court" Utah Law Review Vol. 2002 Iss. 1 (2002)
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