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Identifying the Treatment Information Needs of Prostate Cancer Patients
ASPO 30th Annual Meeting (2006)
  • Levi Ross
  • L. A. Siminoff

Objective: The primary objective of the proposed study is to develop a reliable and valid rapid assessment that can be used to identify a prostate cancer patient’s treatment information needs. Specifically, the proposed study will attempt to identify the treatment information needed by men with localized prostate cancer and determine if existing tools can be adapted for use.

Specific Aims: The specific aims of this study are:

(1) To identify the information that patients with localized prostate cancer desire or need from physicians to make informed choices about treatment;

(2) To identify patient characteristics that could serve as moderators of information needs; and

(3) To adapt a pre-existing prostate cancer checklist to prioritize patient’s information needs.

Data Collection: Data will be collected in three steps: (1) A face-to-face interviewer administered pre-clinical encounter survey; (2) Audio-taping of the physician-patient interaction; and (3) A face-to-face, interviewer administered post-clinical encounter survey.

Quantitative Data. The pre and post-clinical encounter surveys will collect the following data: Demographic Information, Patient’s Expectations of the Clinical Visit, Patient’s Needs for Treatment Information, Patient’s Perception of Information and Perceived Efficacy in Physician Patient Interactions.

Qualitative Data. Audio-taped recordings of all physician-patient encounters will be transcribed verbatim by a transcriptionist. All transcribed data will be analyzed and coded independently by the research team to determine:

(1) How accurately patients recall the information they are given; (2) How correctly patients interpret the information they are given; and (3) How patients’ requests for information are attended to.

Publication Date
April, 2006
Citation Information
Levi Ross and L. A. Siminoff. "Identifying the Treatment Information Needs of Prostate Cancer Patients" ASPO 30th Annual Meeting (2006)
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