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Professionals’ Assessments of the Reliability and Quality of Information Included in a Prostate Cancer Treatment Education Resource
Journal of Cancer Education (2011)
  • Kathleen Field
  • Cathrin McMullin
  • Richard Powers
  • Jarrett Johnson
  • Levi Ross, Georgia Southern University

Significance and Background: Most localized prostate cancer patients lack the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about treatment at the time they are diagnosed. Newly diagnosed patients who receive comprehensive treatment information are less likely to experience decision-related distress. Comprehensive treatment resources that are highly transportable can be beneficial to patients. Purpose: To evaluate professionals’ opinions about the reliability and quality of information included in an adapted prostate cancer treatment booklet. The tool used to guide the evaluation was the validated, 16-item DISCERN rating instrument. Methods and Materials: The 94-page treatment booklet was developed using information adopted from current NCCN prostate cancer treatment guidelines and NCI materials. Fourteen participants (9 nurses, 3 physicians, 2 clinic support staff members) provided evaluations of information in the booklet using a self-administered survey instrument. Results: The mean age of evaluators was 46.07 years. Evaluators worked as health care professionals for a mean 18.60 years and worked in the field of urology for a mean 5.48 years. Participant’s mean ratings for DISCERN items assessing the reliability of information (4.00 - 4.53) were slightly higher than those assessing quality of information (3.50 - 4.35). Results from one-way ANOVA indicated that the three professional groups differed on their ratings in three evaluation domains. Discussion: The different professional groups’ opinions about the information included in the educational booklet are fairly consistent. Feedback from this evaluation has identified a few areas where modifications may be made.

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Kathleen Field, Cathrin McMullin, Richard Powers, Jarrett Johnson, et al.. "Professionals’ Assessments of the Reliability and Quality of Information Included in a Prostate Cancer Treatment Education Resource" Journal of Cancer Education Vol. 27 Iss. 3 (2011)
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