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The Cultural Sociology of Human Rights
The Handbook of Sociology and Human Rights (2013)
  • Mark D. Jacobs, George Mason University
  • Lester R. Kurtz, George Mason University

These cases of China, Occupy, and Gandhi suggest the value of the sociology of culture for understanding human rights. Since human rights is a cultural construct, human rights issues are in-flected by the same set of semantic tensions as the culture concept itself. The sociology of culture thus recommends a method for studying human rights: to explicate--indeed, to weave into an exegetical deep structure--those various tensions. This helps to see beneath the distortions that power and other forms of domination introduce into the discourse of human rights, and to recognize the full multiplicity of interests and voices.

  • Human rights,
  • cultural sociology
Publication Date
David L. Brunsma, Keri Lyall Smith, and Brian Gran
Citation Information
Mark D. Jacobs and Lester R. Kurtz. "The Cultural Sociology of Human Rights" Boulder, CO:The Handbook of Sociology and Human Rights (2013)
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