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Peaceful Relationships
The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace (2010)
  • Lester R. Kurtz, George Mason University

Peaceful relationships are sustained interactions characterized by the absence or low levels of violence. Easier to theorize or write about than to sustain in practice, from interpersonal interactions to relations at the global level and among states, institutions, and social groups, peaceful relationships are the building blocks of a more peaceful world. Interwoven with a web of violence in human affairs is a web of peaceful relations, from the micro level to the macro level, that probably shape most human behavior.

  • violence,
  • interpersonal conflict,
  • relationships,
  • peace,
  • conflict,
  • peace culture
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Nigel Young
Oxford University Press
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Lester R. Kurtz. "Peaceful Relationships" OxfordThe Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace (2010)
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