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Unpublished Paper
THE MISSING INGREDIENT; A Blueprint for the Rightful Restoration of Capital Punishment
Supreme Court; Politics; Capital Punishment (2016)
  • Lester Jackson
As demonstrated by actions rather than protestations, those who oppose capital punishment, including the government officials who make the decisions controlling the people in the United States, adjudge the life of one murderer to be worth the lives of 584 victims. In other words, these decision-makers consider the life of one murder victim to be worth 0.17% of the life of his or her murderer (less than one fifth of one percent).
I wrote this article because numerous polls have demonstrated that the values of those inside our increasingly authoritarian government, who impose their personal morality on everyone else, are completely contrary to the values of a substantial majority of the American people outside of government. In my view, this is scandalous, horrifying and intolerable.
Prof. Douglas Berman succinctly explained that, “while a majority of the public favors the death penalty, those who are opposed … tend to be more passionate and motivated.” Agreeing, I argue that homicide survivors are vital to effectuating change. These are family members and friends who love and care about murder victims, and are left behind to deal not only with their loss but with decades of ruthless torture by murderer advocates, including lawyers and their judicial allies. Only homicide survivors can supply the missing passion required to overcome the passion for murderers driving their advocates in and out of government, especially the federal judiciary.
This article provides background, details of the problems facing death penalty supporters, and proposes a fully documented solution to reverse the evisceration of capital punishment and restore it to its moral and rightful place. The solution is to shine sunlight especially on the dishonest shenanigans of arrogant, power-usurping United States Supreme Court politicians in black robes posing as impartial justices.
If homicide survivors who loved murder victims do not soon fight back against well-protected activists who love murderers but, for the most part, have not suffered, capital punishment will be completely abolished.  Moreover, life without parole will be abolished by unelected and unresponsive government officials contemptuous of past and future victims, yet passionately dedicated to the welfare of violent barbaric criminals, including murderers, torturers and rapists.
  • death penalty,
  • lethal injection,
  • life without parole,
  • sentencing,
  • mitigating factors,
  • aggravating factors,
  • juvenile crime,
  • recidivism,
  • Homicide Survivors,
  • victims’ rights,
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  • Connecticut,
  • capital punishment restoration,
  • debating,
  • evil,
  • absurdity,
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  • small number power,
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Lester Jackson. "THE MISSING INGREDIENT; A Blueprint for the Rightful Restoration of Capital Punishment" Supreme Court; Politics; Capital Punishment (2016)
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