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Rendering promotion and tenure transparent: A faculty learning community approach
Academic Leader (2009)
  • Janelle Voegele
  • Leslie G. McBride, Portland State University

The article focuses on the cross-discipline portfolio development efforts by the Portland State University. It mentions that this development effort will provide transparency to the tenure and promotion system of the state and will offer new opportunities for dialogue on the value of scholarships. It suggest various organizational strategies for the promotion of equity in the tenure and promotion system including the development of workable and fair evaluation measures, academic community involvement, and the establishment of a reward system. It notes that the effort will use the faculty learning approach since faculty learning communities have the potential to review the tenure system in a transparent manner and the ability of these communities to develop faculty leaderships.

  • Portland State University -- Administration,
  • College teachers -- Tenure,
  • Equity in tenure and promotion,
  • Portfolio devlopment
Publication Date
April, 2009
Citation Information
Janelle Voegele and Leslie G. McBride. "Rendering promotion and tenure transparent: A faculty learning community approach" Academic Leader Vol. 25 Iss. 4 (2009)
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