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Preadolescent and adolescent imagery and fantasies: Beliefs and experiences
Childhood and adolescent sexology (1990)
  • L. A. Kirkendall
  • Leslie G. McBride, Portland State University

This book traces the development of sexuality in the child from the prenatal, through birth and up to puberty and adolescence. Very little has been written about children's sexuality in spite of a large literature on child abuse. Western society has been slow to recognize sexual experiences and conceptualizations as an important part of a child's development. This is the only work that has been written in a frank and open manner about the many sexual encounters that children have on a daily basis as part of their normal psychological development. Martinson's study is unique in that children speak for themselves in telling about their explorations, confusions, fears, and satisfactions. The book traces the life of children in their day-to-day encounters as they grow and develop. It complements and rounds out Robert Coles's important works on The Moral Life of Children, The Political Life of Children, and The Spiritual Life of Children.

  • Children and sex,
  • Children -- Sexual imagery,
  • Adolescents and sex,
  • Adolescents -- Sexual imagery,
  • Sexology
Publication Date
J. Money & H. Musaph (Series Ed.) & M. Perry (Vol. Ed.)
Handbook of Sexology
Citation Information
L. A. Kirkendall and Leslie G. McBride. "Preadolescent and adolescent imagery and fantasies: Beliefs and experiences" AmsterdamChildhood and adolescent sexology Vol. 7 (1990)
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