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Center for Academic Excellence: Annual Report 2009-2010
Community Health Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Patrice Hudson, Portland State University
  • Leslie G. McBride, Portland State University
  • Kevin Kecskes, Portland State University
  • Amy Spring, Portland State University
  • Janelle De Carrico Voegele, Portland State University
  • Michael Chamberlain, Portland State University
  • Vincent Schreck, Portland State University
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  • Portland State University. Center for Academic Excellence,
  • College teaching -- Assessment,
  • Higher education -- Administration,
  • Academic achievement
Admittedly, a certain amount of tedium is involved in assembling an annual report. Retrieving, verifying, and summarizing all the data generated from CAE’s programs and services during the year feels a lot like double-checking references in a manuscript before sending it off for review. It’s a necessary part of the larger project; sometimes we are surprised. Somewhere in the midst of the process, we may suddenly see a project from an entirely diff erent perspective, identify a theme that ties together threads or themes we hadn’t realized previously were connected, or more clearly see why faculty members may (or may not) use a particular CAE program. These meta-level reflections keep the CAE faculty and staff more aware of and responsive to current trends and the particular needs and interests of the PSU and metropolitan communities, while also enhancing our general understanding of faculty development. And so, we are pleased to off er the 2009-2010 summary of work completed within CAE. We hope you will take the opportunity to review our work and we welcome your feedback.

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Hudson, P., McBride, L., Kecskes, K., Spring, A., Voegele, J ., Chamberlain, M. & Schreck, V. (2010). Center for Academic Excellence: Annual report 2009-2010. Portland, OR: Portland State University, 39 pgs.