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█MoviesJoy█ Inception Free Movie
  • Leslie Wood

Liked it: 1955412 vote Countries: UK writer: Christopher Nolan directed by: Christopher Nolan Year: 2010
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Inception badshah. Seldom does the experience of going out to the movies reward the audience with more than worth the price of admission. Inception does this in fact, I have already gone back to see the movie for the second time. If possible, see the movie in IMAX because the sound quality alone is worth the extra cash.
Inception succeeds because everything they used to make it was the utmost quality. The story is unique and innovative. Nolan reuses many actors from his previous films but it turns out to be a winning formula. The actors are all immensely talented and all give completely believable performances. The special effects are so good it is impossible to tell what is real and what is not... mimicking the movie's plot itself. The editing is Oscar worthy. Switching seamlessly back and forth between lightning quick battle scenes and slow motion fall symphonies. I can't think of any film that maintains high-speed intensity and ultra slow motion serenity even close to the level that Inception does. This film is truly a work of art.
I have longed for a film to truly captivate me as I watched it. Coercing you to decode the movie detective style as you watch each scene, Inception completely brings back the joy of uncertainty. The story is so deep and layered you almost have to see it multiple times to grasp all the information that's thrown at you. DEFINITELY SEE THIS MOVIE! It inspires so much that you can't help but talk about it because it suggests a radical idea with multiple interpretations.
I don't think that any movie can ever be perfect but this film comes damn close.
Inception re release. Inception rotten tomatoes. This film inspires me whenever I see it. The work and effort of the crew must have been amazing. The technology that was brought to the screen when it was released was so far ahead of its time. You are just now in 2017 seeing some of the cinematography trickery the was implemented so seamlessly in this film. A true masterpiece! The story and acting is also exceptional. Inception achievement. Inception wiki. Inception time. Inception full movie. Inception explained in hindi. Inception meme.
Inception netflix. Inception of fall. Inception piano. Inception song. Inception last scene. Inception trailer cz. Inception fifa. Inception full movie in hindi dubbed. Inception director. Inception soundtrack. Inception movie director. Inception full movie in hindi. This is one of my favorite movies! Nolan did another spectacular job with Inception. And DiCaprio delivers one of his best performances, as do Tom Hardy and the rest of the cast. I own the BluRay, and I watch it again and again.
Each different dreamscape/level, takes you in, while sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting in anticipation as to what happens next.
If you haven't seen this yet. what? you need to get this on BluRay, you will not be sorry. This is one movie that will actually make you think about the story, and sometimes wish you could dream your way in, LOL. So get this sooner rather than later.
I give this a solid 9/10.
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