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Language in the Visual Arts: The Interplay of Text and Imagery
  • Leslie D. Ross, Department of Art, Art History and Design, Dominican University of California
This book discusses text and image relationships in the history of art from ancient times to the contemporary period across a diversity of cultures and geographic areas. Focusing on the use of words in art and words as art forms, thematic chapters include "Pictures in Words/Words in Pictures," "Word/Picture Puzzles," "Picture/Word Puzzles," "Words as Images," "The Power of the Word," and "Monumental and Moving Words." Chapter subsections further explore cross-cultural themes. Examining text and image relationships from the obvious to the elusive, the puzzling to the profound, the minor to the major, the book demonstrates the diverse ways in which images and writing have been combined through the ages, and explores the interplay between visual and written communication in a wide range of thought-provoking examples. A color insert is included. ~publishers description~
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McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers
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Leslie D. Ross. Language in the Visual Arts: The Interplay of Text and Imagery. Jefferson, NC(2014)
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